Student/Single Parent Apartments in West Broadway (275-277 Furby Street)

Student/Single Parent Apartments in West Broadway (275-277 Furby Street)

275/277 Furby is the scene of a student housing project for University of Winnipeg students. The apartment block houses mainly single parents with young children. The attached house is a female dorm house with individual rooms for single students and newcomers. It has a common living and kitchen area with a live-in Resident Assistant. The apartment was built in 1925, while the city records indicate the house is 110 years old. Both buildings are brick, with a solid foundation. However, they needed new wiring, plumbing, insulation and heating system.

Student/Single Parent Apartments in West Broadway (275-277 Furby Street)

In speaking with Maureen Pendergast of Kinora Developments Ltd, she indicated this was the ninth project she was involved with in the area. She indicated that if the building is solid, then it makes economic sense to renew rather than tear the building down and rebuild.

“When people see someone in their neighbourhood doing something it is like ‘boot strapping’, Once one project happens, you then see others doing repairs, painting and suddenly your neighbourhood becomes revitalized, alive.” There are a number of homes on Furby being renovated and restored.

“Without the Jubilee Fund’s support we could not do these projects. While the work is sometimes stressful, I have no regrets. I know what it's like to be afraid to walk down your own street,” she continued.

The project used members from the Urban Green Team. It is a Province of Manitoba youth employment project for people aged 16 – 24. Because their wages are subsidized, it makes it feasible to hire and train youth to work on these projects. In addition to teaching job skills, it generates employment for local residents.

This is the second student housing project The Jubilee Fund has done with Maureen. There is a great demand for affordable student housing in the area. Many of the students are foreign and continue their studies year round. More than 100 students live in the area, but most of what is available is substandard housing.

“I realized that there were lots of old buildings that needed help. Many houses were badly neglected; the owners had not invested adequately in maintenance. By purchasing old homes, we are able to totally renew the home and with proper maintenance it will have a minimum of 40 – 50 years additional life,” she concluded.