GD 02 Worker Co-op

GD-02 Workers Co-operative is a co-operative that is engaged in a “turn around” venture, seeking to re-establish a profitable furniture manufacturing operation. It is located in East Kildonan, Winnipeg. The business employed about 25 people and had previously operated profitably.

However, in 1999, the founders retired and sold the company. The new owners were not familiar with the business and it was placed in receivership in June 2002. The workers were determined to revive the business and they successfully organized themselves into a worker co-op operating as GD-02 Workers Co-op Ltd.

In early 2003, the Co-op was successful on a large tender for which they required working capital. Their regular financier would not consider additional financing. Due to limited financing and the challenges of re-starting the business, they approached The Jubilee Fund Inc. to help them bridge this gap and to help them re-establish themselves in the market.