John Schwandt

John Schwandt

It was a natural choice for John Schwandt to join the Jubilee Fund when the service opportunity came available though his United Church. He had long ago worked in economic development activities, overseas with CUSO in Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific; and had seen granting, lending and revolving fund mechanisms working well in difficult situations.

Beside his CUSO time, John has much volunteer experience in a range of justice and development endeavours, with his church and community organizations, in refugee support, in co-op housing, as a unionist and in the sport of swimming.

The concept of assisting persons with business starts when the entrepreneurs lack assets has a great appeal to him; "facilitating economic development for all rather than excluding some for the extra advantage of others." John has and acts on lifelong commitments to social equity, to reducing the gap between rich and poor, through non-profit organizations and in housing.

John was born and raised in the mining town of Lynn Lake, in northern Manitoba. After obtaining a BA from the University of Manitoba, he worked overseas for several years with CUSO. On his return to Canada, he did a Master's Degree in Public Administration at the University of Victoria and subsequently has worked for governments in the four western provinces. He retired from the Manitoba Civil Service at the end of 2010.

John and his wife Enid have two children grown and independent, and are proud residents of Winnipeg's West Broadway neighbourhood.

John served as President of the Jubilee Fund from March 2007 - April 2011.