Anna Normandeau

Anna Normandeau

Anna was approached by Sister Jean Ell to consider being a member on the Jubilee Fund Board of Directors. Her first question to Sister Jean was "Is it for the poor?" Sister Jean's positive response was the factor in her decision to accept. Anna states quite simply, "Yes, my objective is to help make our world a better place for the poor, by working toward a socially just society."

From 1988 - 2006, Anna served as the Administrator at Villa Maria Renewal Centre. She has her Certificate in Accounting and a Certificate in Theology that was taken at St. Paul's University, Ottawa.

Anna has served on numerous committees including Tache Nursing Centre, Sara Riel and numerous other activities helping to raise funds to help the poor. At St. Eugene Parish, she served for three years as a member of the Finance Committee; is presently a member of the parish committee to visit the sick and a member of the parish choir. In addition, Anna is Treasurer of St. Marguerite d'Youville Associates.

Anna served on the Jubilee Fund Board of Directors from 2006 - 2009. During that time she also served on the Communications Committee. Anna presently assists us with large mailings and serves as the food manager for all events that we hold.