Sister Jean Ell

Sister Jean Ell

Sister Jean was approached in 2001 to become a Board member for the Jubilee Fund. In 2002, she was elected President, a position she held for three years. In an conversation with Sister Jean, she indicated that after reading all the material, she welcomed the innovative challenge. “The Fund’s vision was impressive, as it was based on the biblical vision of “Jubilee” that calls for the redistribution of the world’s wealth. As a social worker, I believe social justice and helping the poor is very important.”

While she realized that the Fund is unable to resolve world poverty, nor can it eradicate poverty in Manitoba or Winnipeg; it can and does make a difference. The Jubilee Fund helps people become self-reliant though small business ventures, or in the social sector it assists people to come more independent. By providing affordable and safe housing, we are giving individuals dignity, self-respect and a better quality of life. “The Jubilee Fund strives to give individuals the tools to negotiate their lives and by doing so, they develop a better image of themselves.”

The Jubilee Fund can produce a rippling effect on individuals that are directly or indirectly affected by the help. The ‘pay it forward’ concept states that if you help three persons, then they will help three others. “Those that have been helped should be enabled to reach out to others.” The Coady Institute was built on the premise that you can “give a person a fish and they will eat for a day, but teach them how to fish and they will eat everyday”. This is how Sister Jean sees the Jubilee Fund assisting people, as it provides them with the tools and the opportunity to become self-sufficient and self-reliant. “The Jubilee Fund does not hand out money to feed the poor, but it gives the individuals who seek our help, the tools to look after themselves.”

Sister Jean has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Masters in Social Work. She has also completed an Extension Course in Health Care Organization and Management. Sister Jean started working as a Social Worker in 1969. Her experience was been working with the emotionally disabled, First Nations Communities and individuals, the marginalized and the abandoned. She has experience in direct care, as well as in administrative positions. Currently, she coordinates Special Events for the Grey Nuns and is involved on several Boards and Committees.

Sister Jean assists the Jubilee Fund's Art & Antique Auction in the gathering of antiques, art and collectibles from those who are down sizing and are willing to donate their items to the Jubilee Fund.