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The Jubilee Fund 17th Annual General Meeting

The Jubilee Fund 17th Annual General Meeting was held on April 12, 2016, at the St. John's Anglican Cathedral Hall, 135 anderson Avenue, Winnipeg.

President’s Report 

People often ask me why I think Manitoba is a great place to live and work.  I often speak of the lakes and warm summers, and the many winter activities available. But I mostly speak of the people in Manitoba. Visitors to Manitoba notice how welcoming and helpful we are. This is why my time spent as a volunteer with the Jubilee Fund is so rewarding.  We have caring and helpful volunteers, staff and donors, supported by many organizations, working to reach out and assist those in need in our community.

In 2015, the Jubilee continued to be successful in providing financing assistance to a number of businesses and individuals where traditional financing was not available. We have also reached out to the community to seek new ways to help, be it for business start-ups or individuals trying to advance their employment opportunities. We have also looked to have an impact in housing for those in need.

Sometimes our efforts result in loans, but also we often help by referring applicants to organizations better suited to meet their needs. Our challenge continues to be awareness of our ability to help. The more people we can make aware of our organization, the more assistance we can provide. I hope you will take the time to read some of our materials to get to know us better and tell others about us. With your help we can assist in more situations.

On the financial side, the Jubilee Fund continues to have a strong financial position.  Fundraising continues to be successful at traditional levels and we have a strong provision for loan losses if needed. We will be looking at ways to increase both our access to capital and increase the number of loan advances.

During this past year our Board and staff have taken a retrospective look at what we do and what more we can do in the community. We are looking at new ways to approach housing issues and a variety of other business needs. Stay tuned as we reach out to all our partners and supporters for their feedback in the strategic review.

The Jubilee Fund would not be able to operate without the assistance of several key partners.  Assiniboine Credit Union is one of those. Their lending team provides us with the expertise and administration functions that are key to a lending program like ours. Our Jubilee Fund staff of Rita Borthwick, Derek Pachal and Irene Julius have been instrumental. A special thank you to Irene, who will be retiring from her work at the Jubilee Fund later this spring after 8 years of service to us! Finally, our board members, committee members, volunteers and financial supporters have given us the resources to make this fund work and I thank them.

Sadly, Bill Regehr, one of our board members passed away recently. Bill had been a board member for less than a year, but his influence and guidance was tremendous. We all appreciated his good work and will miss him greatly.

As I mentioned, Manitoba is about wonderful, helpful people. We have an abundance of these people involved in the Jubilee Fund and for this I am truly grateful.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark Adams, President

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