Aboriginal Service Centre

The Aboriginal Business Service Network is comprised of organizations who offer services to Aboriginal entrepreneurs. The Centre offers business information and resource materials; assistance with business plan preparation; business advisory services; training in the form of workshops and seminars; and financing for businesses.

Assiniboine Credit Union

Assiniboine Credit Union is a Manitoba Credit Union guided by the principles of corporate social responsibility and community economic development. It administers Jubilee Investment Certificates and  Jubilee-secured loans. Staff from ACU serve as ex-officials on several Jubilee Board committees.

Entrepreneurship Manitoba

This site provides information on all aspects of starting, expanding and operating a small business in Manitoba and includes links to valuable sources of information.

Canadian Community Economic Development Network

The Canadian Community Economic Development Network (CCEDNet) is a national member-led organization committed to strengthening Canadian communities by creating better economic opportunities and enhancing environmental and social conditions. Manitoba has a very strong chapter.

Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development Inc. (CAHRD)

(CAHRD) Centre for Aboriginal Human Resource Development Inc. is a non-profit, human resource development organization that delivers Education, Training and Employment services to the urban Aboriginal population of Winnipeg.

Community Futures Manitoba

Community Futures operates across rural and Northern Manitoba as a grassroots-driven program created to strengthen rural economies by enabling entrepreneurship and assisting in community economic development. There are 16 Community Futures organizations (CFs) established throughout rural and northern Manitoba. The goal of each CF is to assist the communities in their region to develop their economic potential.
Community Futures Manitoba delivers the Aboriginal Business Service Network
Entrepreneurs with Disabilities and Business Development & Counselling programs.

Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM)

CDEM is the economic development council for Manitoba's 16 bilingual municipalities. Its team of councillors will assist investors to discover how bilingual municipalities are great places to conduct business.

Manitoba Business Start

The Manitoba Business Start program was designed to reduce the complexity of dealing with various levels of government by consolidating business information in one convenient service; to improve the start up survival and growth rates of small and medium sized businesses by giving business people in every part of Manitoba access to accurate, timely, and relevant information and referrals, enabling them to make well informed business decisions in a global economy; and to. encourage business success through sound business planning, market research, and the use of strategic business information. this program is funded by the Province of Manitoba and the Government of Canada through the Western Diversification Program.

Meyers Norris Penny

Entrepreneurship is a growing trend throughout the country. To assist those interested in starting a new business, MNP offers the Self-Employment Program with regular intakes throughout the year. This training program provides 20 to 30 practical training sessions covering business planning, marketing, cash flow, taxation, legal, insurance, and other key areas of small business management. MNP offers a self-employment program for individuals who want to start their own business, have identified a viable business opportunity and are on active EI claims in the City of Winnipeg.

North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC)

NECRC is a non profit organization dedicated to the economic, social and cultural renewal of Winnipeg's north end. In particular, NECRC priority areas include community development, housing, employment & economic development and cultural diversity. The corporation works with community committees to plan and implement development strategies in its goal to revitalize the North End.

SEED Winnipeg Inc. (Supporting Employment and Economic Development)

SEED Winnipeg is a non-profit agency that works to reduce poverty and assists in the renewal of Winnipeg's inner city by providing capacity building services that assist low-income individuals, groups, organizations and economically distressed neighbourhoods to improve their social and economic vitality. It has a number of programs including Saving Circle (helps individuals save money for future goals); IDA Program (helps you save for an education, start or expand a small business or buy or renovate your own home); and the Money Management Training (helps you learn more about budgeting, banking and credit). SEED Winnipeg Inc. also offers a Build-a-Business Program, Youth Build-a-Business and Worker Owned Cooperative Assistance.

West Broadway Community Organization

WBDC’s mission is to work together and build partnerships that strengthen the West Broadway neighbourhood. To this end WBDC have been working for over 15 years to build strong relationships with and between our community partners, residents, stakeholders and government officials.

Women's Enterprise Centre

The Women's Enterprise Centre of Manitoba (WEC) has helped thousands of women throughout the province find information, improve their skills and acquire financing so that they can start, expand or purchase an existing business.

YMCA- YWCA Business Training Centre

The YMCA-YWCA Business Training Centre has been delivering self employment training in Winnipeg since 1987. During this period the branch has trained over 1,300 people on how to start and operate their own businesses and to date, the vast majority of these businesses are still operational. Choosing self employment is a major decision for any person, but acquiring training, counselling and financial support certainly increases your chances of success. The Self Employment Program at the YMCA-YWCA Business Training Centre provides ten weeks of full time classroom training, in which you receive all of the information necessary to write a business plan as well as courses to assist you in operating your business. The program is available only to individuals who are unemployed and are active on EI.