Frequently Asked Questions

The following lists some of the common questions asked by most individuals. If your question isn't answered here or you wish further information, please contact Jill at 204-975-2650 or

When was the Jubilee Fund formed?

The Jubilee Fund was launched in 2000 as a Winnipeg-based expression of the millennium celebration for debt relief.

What is the Jubilee Fund?

The Jubilee Fund Inc. is an interfaith coalition that provides risk capital in the form of loan guarantees or bridge financing for community economic development projects which normally would not be eligible for loans from credit unions or banks.

Why support the Jubilee Fund?

The Jubilee Fund is designed to assist the special needs of low-income groups and individuals, helping them to become more self-reliant. Your support of the Jubilee Fund is an investment in our community. For information about the financial support we provide, please click here.

Are there opportunities for me to volunteer?

Yes, we are always looking for volunteers to serve on a committee or be a mentor on one of the projects supported by the Fund.   Please call the Jubilee Fund office at 204-975-2650 for more information.

Why Invest in the Jubilee Fund?

The Jubilee Fund investors believe the emotional satisfaction that comes from ethical investing in our community more than makes up for the difference in returns. Their investment has a major Social Impact in our community.

How can you invest in the Jubilee Fund?

Jubilee Investment Certificates are purchased as three or five year term deposits. They are acquired for social and ethical reasons, rather than for commercial reasons. For more information about the Jubilee Investment Certificates, please click here.

What interest rates are paid on Jubilee Investment Certificates?

In dollars, the return is a little less than the GIC rates.  The interest rates on Jubilee Investment Certificates are offered on a compound annual basis at two percent below the conventional GIC rate. On five year terms, investors  donate all the interest to the Jubilee Fund.

What is the minimum investment?

$1,000. There is no maximum amount.

How do I purchase an investment certificate?

You can contact the Fund Development Manager at 204-589-5001 to arrange an appointment.

Are investments guaranteed?

Jubilee Investment Certificates are fully at risk, although there is a Jubilee Fund loan-loss reserve. Project loans and bridge financing are subject to a variety of risk avoidance measures. However, there is no certainty that the Jubilee Fund will be able to repay outstanding principal or interest on Jubilee Investment Certificates.

Have any investors lost any money in the Jubilee Fund?

No investor has lost money investing in the Jubilee Fund.

How can I donate to the Jubilee Fund?

Many people choose to show their support for the work we do with a direct donation. The Jubilee Fund is a registered charity and all donations are tax deductible and a charitable tax receipt is issued. The Jubilee Fund Inc. relies on donations and grants from individuals, foundations and corporations to maintain its loan loss reserve, to expand the Fund's capital that is used for  loan guarantees and to provide operating revenues. Donations can be made by cheque, credit card, on-line through Canada Helps or by automatic monthly withdrawals.Contact Jill at 204-975-2650 or or you can send your cheque payable to "The Jubilee Fund Inc." to:

The Jubilee Fund
Ste. 210 - 207 Fort Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 1E2

Frequently Asked Questions for Project Support and Loan Guarantees

Do you provide grants as well as loans?

No, we do not provide grants. The majority of our lending activities are guaranteed loans or bridge financing arranged through Assiniboine Credit Union.

Can anyone apply for a loan guarantee?

Yes, however we are looking to support projects or ventures that contribute to the social and economic strength of our community and we prioritize projects that have encountered barriers to traditional financing. We encourage social business, low income housing projects and community projects with tangible benefits to local residents.

Is Assiniboine Credit Union the only financial institution you work with to provide financing?

No. The Jubilee Fund can work with any financial institution in Manitoba. But, because of our ethical lending guideline, including supporting the local economy, we do prefer to work with Manitoba based Credit Unions.

How do I apply for a loan guarantee from the Jubilee Fund?

Each situation is unique and we would not want you to put a lot of work into an application that does not reflect the priorities and the values we use a lending guidelines, so call or email us and we will get you started.

Your website says you are a lender of last resort, what does that mean?

In order to qualify for a loan from the Jubilee Fund, you or your project must have been refused a loan for your project from a mainstream financial institution

Is your loan guarantee interest free?

No. The processes involved in lending money involve fees and costs associated with processing and tracking our loans. We normally charge prime plus 2% and expect the client to pay any fees to register documents.