About Us

The Jubilee Fund Inc. is an ethical investment fund established to raise awareness concerning the interrelated issues of poverty reduction, financial assets and access to credit. The Jubilee Fund provides loan guarantees and bridge financing to not-for-profit organizations and businesses, (co-operatives and social enterprises) to initiate or complete community based projects that reduce poverty and financial exclusion. The Jubilee Fund projects typically contribute to community needs and priorities, low income housing and/or small business or worker co-op business opportunities.


The Jubilee Fund was launched in 2000 as a Winnipeg-based expression of the millennium celebration for debt relief. The Jubilee Fund was inspired by the Hebrew Scriptures that call for the periodic redistribution of wealth and debt cancellation.

The Jubilee Fund began in the spirit to restore equity within society and we intend to carry this spirit forward in a caring, yet business-based manner. Through our investments we aim to promote self-reliance, dignity, self-respect and a better quality of life in healthier communities.


The Jubilee Fund is a non-profit charity that raises money in the community through investment certificates, donations, Foundations, Corporations, memberships, Government of Manitoba grant and interest earnings from Jubilee Investment Certificates. We lend money to businesses, organizations and individuals that are unable to get traditional financing for projects that have a positive impact in the community. For a full list of our Donors, please go to Jubilee Fund - Financial Support - Donations

Jubilee Investment Certificates

Jubilee Investment Certificates are purchased by individuals and organizations in the form of three or five year term deposits. These funds are pooled together into a single fund and used to secure and leverage loans for community initiatives. The Jubilee Investment Certificates and project loans are administrated by Assiniboine Credit Union. Interest rates on Jubilee Investment Certificates are 2% below GIC rates. The difference between the market rates and the Jubilee Fund rate goes to the loan-loss reserve and to assist with operating expenses.